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Kain Tool manufacturers a comprehensive line of fastening and torque reaction equipment. Our experienced design and engineering team is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions that increase productivity, improve quality and enhance the ergonomics in the operator workplace.We offer a complete range of both standard and custom torque tubes, torque arms, linear arms, spatial positioning arms (smart arms), multiple nutrunners and tool holders.  We Stock (3) sizes of Torque Tubes (up to 450Nm) that can be custom configured to meet your assembly solution needs.


We design and build simple and complex multiple nutrunner assemblies and workstations. Our equipment is designed to work with all major brands of power tools. Our torque tubes and torque arms are used for both single spindle and multiple nutrunner applications and are designed to reduce operator fatigue by absorbing torque reaction and balancing the tool weight.




  • Design (Mechanical) – 3D SolidWorks

  • Design (Controls/Electrical/Pneumatic)

  • Torque Tubes

  • Torque Arms

  • Linear Arms

  • Spatial Positioning Arms (Smart Arms)

  • Multiple Nutrunners (Simple)

  • Multiple Nutrunners (Complex)

  • Reaction Bars

  • Rotational Tool Holders

  • Fixed Tool Holders

  • Trombone Tool Holders

  • Scissor Tool Holders

  • Work Stations

  • Assembly Fixtures

  • Installation & Start Up Support


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