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Kain Tool is a market leading manufacturer of ergonomic material handling products. Our experienced design and engineering team is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions that increase productivity, improve quality and enhance the ergonomics in the operator workplace.

Simple to complex we provide a complete range of both standard and custom material handling products. Kain Tool specializes in custom lift assists for all ergonomic situations. Our end effectors are designed to be fast, lightweight and easy to use. Start to finish our design team works closely with the customer to develop custom solutions that are best suited for your application. In addition to our lifting devices we design and build custom Robot End-Of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT). We are a total solution provider, from concept to build our handling devices, EOAT and overhead rail systems are designed and built in-house. We also offer on-site installation and start up support.  


  • Design (Mechanical) – 3D SolidWorks

  • Design (Controls/Electrical/Pneumatic)

  • Clamp Handling Devices

  • Vacuum Handling Devices

  • Magnetic Handling Devices

  • Simple Hook Devices

  • Pneumatic Balancers

  • Servo Hoists & Assist Arms

  • Four Trolley Carriages

  • Vertical Linear Assists 

    • Overhead, Floor Mounted

  • Articulating Arms

    • Overhead, Floor Mounted

  • Manipulators

    • Overhead, Floor Mounted

  • Torque Arm Assemblies

  • Torque Tube Assemblies

  • Specialty Tool Holders

  • Multiple Nutrunner Assemblies

  • Overhead Rail Systems

    • Aluminum, Steel, Free Standing,
      Ceiling Mounted

  • Jib Cranes

  • Air & Electric Hoists

  • Installation & Start Up Support

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